Transition Year


Introduction to Coding

Following on from the talk given by Mr Brendan Ryan and Mr Brian Keating last Wednesday please click here: Introduction to Coding Links and Information to access links to online coding classes and other important information.


TY Positive Mental Health Day: Cycle Against Suicide

All TY students will head to UL on Thurs 19th January to participate in a Cycle Against Suicide event. Click here for information/travel times: TY Positive Mental Health Day: Cycle Against Suicide 2017

The Transition Year programme runs for one year after third year and is not obligatory at Crescent, although the majority of students do undertake this programme.

Transition Years get the opportunity to participate in the following programmes:
Work Experience       IT- Information Technology       
Foreign Language Exchange
School Show
Fast Friends – Working with children who have special needs
Silver Surfers – Teaching the elderly how to use a computer    
TEFL – Teaching English as a foreign language
Film Making Course
Transition Years also get the opportunity to go on two overnight trips.   One is the Burren Outdoor Education Centre. The other is a trip to Achill.



TY students produce our school newsletter on a monthly basis. The Crescent Express has input from all the school’s communities and is always happy to receive news, articles of interest and photographs. Click below to download the latest edition of the Crescent Express: Crescent Express

Transition Year Work Experience Objectives

Documents needing completion to fulfill TY work experience requirements for 2016/2017.
You will need these documents to assist you in obtaining work-experience before the end of August 2016

Student Information:

C.V. template: C V Template
Structuring your C.V: Structuring Your CV
Interview questions: Interview Questions
Skills that Employers Want: skills-that-employers-want

Employer Information:

Letter to work experience provider 2016: Letter to Work Experience Provider 2016
Employers Report on Work Experience (1) To be returned to the Guidance Office at the beginning of September: employers-report-on-work-experience-final
Work Experience Agreement Form To be returned to Guidance office at the beginning of September: Work Experience Agreement Form
State Claims Agency Work Placement Indemnity (full): state-claims-agency-work-place-indemnity-full
State claims Agency Work Placement Indemnity (Summary): state-claims-agency-work-place-indemnity-summary

Parents Information:

Letter to Parents re work experience: letter-to-parents-re-work-experience
TY Copy of Work Experience Grid 2016 To be returned to Guidance office at the beginning of September: work-experience-grid
Code of Conduct To be returned to Guidance office at the beginning of September: Code of Conduct
Parent-Guardian Consent Form: Parent-Guardian Consent Form

National Vetting Bureau:
Please complete the two forms below and return to Michele in the office to process.
Invitation Form NVB1
NVB -Parent-Guardian Consent Form

Guidelines For Work-Experience

Health and Safety in the workplace: Health and Safety in the Workplace
Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct
Student Induction Checklist: Student Induction Checklist

Work Experience Days by Class

The following classes will be on work experience on MONDAYS: OGILVIE CLASS; HOPKINS CLASS
The following students will be on work experience on TUESDAYS: MEYER CLASS
The following students will be on work experience on THURSDAYS: FIELDE CLASS
The following students are on work experience on FRIDAY: ARRUPE CLASS
DE CHARDIN Class will be divided for Work Experience and students will be out on different days.