Irish Jesuit Statement

Like everybody else in Ireland, the Jesuits are deeply shocked and saddened at the revelations in the Dublin Commission Report. We offer our sympathy to all survivors of abuse and pray that they will find healing through the publication of this Report and through their difficult stories being heard.

The Dublin Commission covers the period 1975-2004 and the remit of the Commission was to examine how representative cases had been dealt with by Church authorities. The policy of the Jesuits has been and remains one of total cooperation with the Commission.

The Jesuit province in Ireland is constantly trying to improve its procedures in this area. A child protection officer is designated in each Jesuit community and ministry. Regular training sessions have been held to ensure that people are aware of best practice and follow it. We are always open to suggestions and critique and regularly review both our procedures and our systems.

We deeply apologise to anyone who was abused by a Jesuit and we offer them support in whatever way we can.

If anybody suffered abuse by a member of the Order and has not come forward already, and wishes to do so, they should contact our Delegates for the Safeguarding of Children, Fr. Michael Drennan SJ at 087-647-5220 and Mr Joe Greenan at 086 856 3526. If they are unavailable they should contact the Provincial offices at 01-293-2820 and ask for the Provincial or Acting Provincial. We treat all cases very seriously and we wish to assure people that we are doing our utmost to ensure that safeguards are in place to protect against any form of abuse in the future.

We are committed to renewing the Church in Ireland and to working with other religious orders, with diocesan clergy and with lay people in Ireland to do this. While this is a painful period, it is also a new era for the Church, and one in which we need to go forward in a manner which is less clerical, more international, more accountable and with better procedures in place for a truly professional and faith-filled ministry in service to the people of God in Ireland.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who support the Jesuits and who work with us in Ireland and abroad. Their ongoing support is vital to us and deeply appreciated.

– Fr John Dardis SJ, Provincial of the Irish Jesuits