19 August, 2019

Dear parents/guardians,

I write to wish all our pupils and their families the very best for the coming academic year and to remind you of some important aspects of life in Crescent.

The calendar, timetables and school policies, including the Code of Behaviour and Child Safeguarding policy are on the website and I encourage you to review these when you have an opportunity. Form tutors and year heads will go through the Code of Behaviour with all pupils on their return including the following: All students are expected to be prompt, prepared and polite, this means being on time for school and class, equipped with the correct materials, including homework or PE gear, and being respectful to each other and adults at all times. If these three elements are observed we can maximise learning opportunities, and go a long way towards achieving an environment where each child feels safe and valued. All pupils are required to wear the school uniform and be neat and tidy. School ties are obligatory and I remind you that Crescent sports jackets are not permitted attire in school, but should be worn to and from school and to matches.

I again make a special appeal to you to arrange appointments for your children outside school time. We strongly discourage the withdrawal of your child during the school day, unless of course you are contacted by the school because he or she is unwell. When a child is withdrawn from class it not only effects negatively on their own learning opportunities but on those of their classmates. Most parents are respectful of this, and I thank you for that. Our admin staff cannot accept gear bags or lunches for students at reception; if a child forgets their lunch they may get a lunch voucher at reception. I would like to acknowledge here our tremendous support staff in Crescent, in administration, caretaking and ancillary roles. They are an enthusiastic and diligent group of people, devoted to making all our lives easier, students, parents and teachers.

With regard to traffic management I ask you to exercise extreme caution when on the school campus and to respect parking restrictions. Signs indicate designated areas for parking; please do not use the staff car park, or park in front of the main entrance. It has happened often that cars have been left directly in front of the main door which is in breach of safety regulations. There are times when we need to call ambulances, so I ask again that parents and visitors respect the areas marked ‘no parking’. We are unable to provide parking spaces for students during the school day. Students attending our night study or Saturday programmes may however apply to the Deputy Principals to park at those times.

Details of our study programme in Crescent are on the website; this programme has proved very popular and might be worth considering for your child as an efficient way of dealing with homework and study. Sessions will be as follows: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 4.10-6.10 and 7-10pm, Wednesday from 2-6pm and Saturdays from 10-1pm and 2-5pm, so a total of 30 hours. We recommend that normally junior students consider availing of all afternoon and Saturday sessions (18 hours), and senior students consider committing to the night sessions also (30 hours).

All school policies are on our website and I draw your attention to the Data Protection Policy, which is quite detailed as schools store a lot of data. Please let the school know if you do not want your child’s photo on our website, or if you prefer your child is not recorded as this may be a component of assessment in the new Junior Cycle.

Crescent is a great school with an avowedly Jesuit ethos. All partners in Crescent believe that it is crucial that our students reach their full potential, human and intellectual, that they mature into young people of compassion, competence and conscience. Naturally there will be challenges to the above, whether in resources, personnel, facilities; I thank you for the voluntary contribution you make to the school so that we can continue to improve our educational programme on behalf of your children. Over the summer we have used the money provided by parents, either as a voluntary contribution, and/or our fundraising events to overhaul the changing rooms and toilet facilities in the sports hall. The Sports grant was used to replace the floor of the gym. It is my wish that all students, and teachers who work there, will benefit hugely from these improved facilities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I encourage you to read my regular messages on the website as these will keep you abreast of events during the school year. I will write soon to provide an update on our building projects and development plans.

The staff, Board and senior management team and I look forward to working with you again this year in a spirit of partnership,

God Bless,
Karin Fleming