Dear friends,

Yesterday in Thomond Park our brave Junior Cup team were very unlucky to be beaten by one point by Rockwell College. They put up a marvellous display, and the school is very proud of them, as their parents must also be. I am grateful to the coaches, each of whom gives their time on a voluntary basis. As I said to the boys after the game, they have a few years remaining in Crescent College Comprehensive SJ during which they may go the whole way, either as Seniors or Juniors.

The occasion was marred however by the behaviour of some of our students, for which I must apologise. Despite repeated entreaties to be respectful of the opposition, stewards and the venue, some of our students did not behave themselves in an acceptable manner. A few smoke bombs were set off, which not only presented a risk to all students and the stewards who had to remove the smoke bombs, but will likely result in significant fines to the school. Missiles were thrown and stewards treated quite disrespectfully.

This is not the Crescent way! Nor indeed is it the Munster way! This type of anti-social behaviour contradicts everything we are about in Crescent, it is not in line with our way of proceeding. The few students who behaved badly not only ruined the occasion for some, put themselves and others at risk, but have brought shame and embarrassment on the College.

Karin Fleming
Thursday 14 March 2019