September 2019

Dear parents/guardians
I would like to thank everyone who has made a voluntary contribution to the College this year. Your generosity allows us to provide our students with learning experiences and opportunities not covered by our grant from the Department of Education and Skills.

Thank you to all who attended the AGM of the Parents’ Association, and in particular to those parents who represent you on the parent committees, parent council, social and cultural committee, fundraising committee, Board of Management and on the Finance subcommittee of the Board. At September’s Parent AGM, a parent Finance committee member presents a detailed account of how the moneys are spent. Please note that the audited accounts are also on our website.

As Principal I have been determined since the outset to safeguard our educational standards by putting the college on a secure financial footing and making the building fit for 21st century purpose. I am delighted that I can report that the school is now debt-free, that there is proper financial reporting, and that we have secured a major investment from the Department of Education and Skills, and very generous funding from the Provincial, Fr Leonard Moloney SJ. I wish to acknowledge here the support and advice I have received along the way by the previous and current Boards of Management, the Chair, Mrs Helen O Donnell, the Finance committee members, in particular Mrs Maeve Mc Donnell and Mr Richard Fahy, and in-house from our excellent school accountant, Ms Barbara Mackey.

You are aware that the College is heading into a development phase: reroofing and refurbishment of the current building, the construction of 5 new science labs (this last possible only thanks to the generosity of the Jesuit Province); the project will run to approximately €10 million, so a massive investment in our infrastructure. Now that these two projects are ‘live’ the board development subcommittee will move to the next phase and will survey our stakeholders soon regarding other priorities for development, these to be funded privately.

The voluntary contribution pays for lockers, photocopying, a library, and the services of a librarian and an ICT Technician, to name but a few. All students benefit. For example, when third year students were examined for their Junior Cycle Oral in Gaeilge, German, French and Spanish languages, the cost was covered for every student by the parent fund. It is this fund which allows us to stage our annual school show, which this year will be My Fair Lady. Funds raised by the voluntary contribution and the dinner dance in April were combined with the Sports grant of €51k and invested in the overhaul of the dressing rooms and toilets in the gym and the replacement of the floor.

Last year we invested some of the parent money into a general facelift of the school building and dining hall in an effort to enhance the conditions for students. This summer we upgraded the changing facilities and toilets in the sports hall. We will also provide disability access. All this was only possible thanks to the generosity of so many. We continue to invest the funds provided by you, parents and guardians, into improving the educational offering and facilities for our students.
Naturally, some parents are not in a financial position to contribute and I assure you that your child will benefit in the same way as everyone else, however I encourage you to return a waiver for our records.

Many thanks again, and God bless,
Karin Fleming