January 2019
New Year greetings from Karin Fleming, Principal.

Dear friends,

I wish all members of the Crescent family happiness and good health in 2019. The celebrations associated with Christmas are behind us and we look forward to Spring, the brighter mornings and lengthening days, all of which offer hope and provide energy.

We had some wonderful news this week when we were notified that the school will receive €51,000 from the Sports Capital Grant. We will move on investing this straight away with the replacement of the floor in the Gym, and the overhaul of our dressing rooms designated as the priority projects.

Our Senior A hockey team play Thurles here in the semi-final of that competition on 30 January at 12 noon and our senior rugby team begin their campaign in Thomond Park on 13 February at 3.30 pm when their opposition will be CCBC .Rather than go through all sporting fixtures here, I remind you that these are available on our school APP, and are updated at the beginning of each week.

I remind all students at assemblies that the school cannot tolerate disrespectful behaviour at games and that they are expected to be positive and not to abuse the opposition, or cause damage to a venue. When buses are necessary for supporters, all students attending games are expected to travel on the approved bus. Sanctions will apply if a student behaves in a way that contravenes our Code of Behaviour.

We wish our teams the very best of luck in the coming weeks as they begin or continue their cup campaigns and we look forward to these sporting occasions as an opportunity to display the tremendous school spirit which exists in Crescent. We are always delighted to see past pupils and family members at these events. Your attendance gives huge encouragement to our teams, who have trained so hard since August. I am enormously grateful to all our coaches for their dedication to the teams all year.

I am delighted that we will compete again this year in the Cansat competition, when teams from different schools create a satellite in a can. We have had some success in this completion in the past and I wish this year’s team the very best of luck. A lot will be learned in the process.

In Crescent we are meeting parents of 5th, 2nd and 1st years in the first weeks of term. These conversations offer an opportunity to learn from each other, as parent and teacher, and not just with regard to your child’s academic progress. Fifth and second years will learn a lot from the results of their recent exams, and this information should be used as a yard stick to measure the student’s application to work, and adjust if necessary, perhaps tweaking some element of one’s study methods, for example. In all cases teachers will offer professional advice and opinion, and our guidance counsellors are available to meet parents also.

Sixth and third years are in the final weeks of preparation before their ‘Pre’ exams which begin on 4 February and run for two weeks; the timetables have been posted and we encourage these students to ‘keep on keeping on’! Being steady in one’s approach to work will result in dividends, and the best advice is to do exactly what your teachers recommend and assign in terms of learning and revision. They are the people best placed to get you through this period, and remember we have just passed the half-way point in the school year, so plenty of time to make adjustments!

I am deeply grateful to all of you who invest in the school by making a voluntary contribution. This investment makes possible much of what is provided here to each and every student. In the very near future there will be other opportunities to invest in Crescent’s future when we move to our campus development. In the meantime, my colleagues and I, will continue to do our very best to educate young women and men for others as has been the tradition here since the foundation of the College.

Happy New year,
God bless,
Karin Fleming