Dear friends,

As I write, our Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle students are deep into their second papers in Maths; we wish them every encouragement over the remaining days of exams and congratulate them on their dedication and perseverance. This is indeed a gruelling experience for young people, but they have been guided well by their teachers, and their parents provide the encouragement to eat and sleep properly, as well as taking some exercise every day.

I wish to thank you all sincerely for your support for the College this year. In particular I would like to acknowledge the members of the Parent committees, Social and Cultural, Finance Subcommittee and the Parent Council, for their enthusiasm and dedication to our students on your behalf, and to our dedicated fundraising committee who raised €20k at the Spring Spectacular in April. Schools work best when there is genuine cooperation between the different stake holders, and Crescent has always been very fortunate in this regard.

Our TY students marked the end of a special year in their education journey with their closing ceremony on Tuesday, 21st May. I hope they each feel that the year has been worthwhile and has equipped them to take on the challenges of the Leaving Certificate Programme over the next two years.

A highlight of our academic year is the Graduation ceremony, and this year was no exception. It is a tremendous occasion for the school and families to celebrate this particular rite of passage. We wish the Class of 2019 well and encourage them to remain in touch with Crescent as they begin their adult lives. As I said to the graduates on that night, they share a tradition of Jesuit education which dates back over 150 years in this city and one that is worthy of reverence and transmission.

Update on Development Work:

It is hoped that our two building projects will be permitted to run concurrently, i.e., when the temporary accommodation is in place on our grit pitch, it will allow each block of classrooms to be ‘decanted’ and those areas reroofed and refurbished, while the second project, the construction of five new science labs will proceed without disruption to our current labs. The Board of management recently approved the location of the science labs to the rear of the school. This will be an exciting period of development and improvement for the school, the first in a long time. Again, I wish to acknowledge here the generosity of the Society of Jesus in making this possible. This willingness to invest in state of the art labs represents a vote of confidence in the school which is very encouraging for us all, students, staff, parents, management.

We will also be refitting the toilets and changing rooms in the gym over the summer, all thanks to the voluntary contributions of parents and the money raised by the dinner dance in Spring; so again we are grateful to those of you who continue to make a contribution to the school; the floor of the sports hall will be replaced, thanks to a sports grant. All things considered we hope our students will return to a much improved environment in the sports hall.

Some Important Information for the Academic Year 19/20:

I remind you that students should wear correct school uniform at all times, including the school tie and jumper. Please purchase school trousers for your sons which are regular or slim cut, rather than a ‘skinny’ cut as these are impractical for normal school wear. Sixth year girls may wear a pinstripe shirt and sixth year boys wear navy-blue school trousers. These are per the uniform regulations in the Code of Behaviour, outlined in the school journal.

We will post calendar details very soon, but I give notice that the new school year will begin on Monday 26 August for staff, on 27 August for first, TY and 5th years, and for all students on 28 August for the traditional lectio brevis.

In wishing you the best for Summer 2019 I thank you again for your generosity and support for the College,

God bless,
Karin Fleming