29th April 2020

RE:   Info for Parents of Students with Special Educational Needs

Dear parents/guardians,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during these challenging times.

Just a reminder that Special Education Classes for your child continues since the school shutdown via the Teams App. Your child was set up on this Teams App before the school closure and all our Resource teachers have been teaching remotely since then.

We appreciate that given the nature of our current circumstances, students might not always feel it necessary to seek help from the special education teacher if they are getting help at home from older siblings and parents. We also understand the issue of availability of technology in households.

However, can we ask that you check that your child is aware that Special Education support classes for their subject work is continuing in Teams in Term 3.  Should your son/daughter have any questions, big or small, about their classwork, or if they need advice on assignments that need to be submitted to their class teacher they can and should contact their Special Education Teacher on Teams for support or just to let the teacher know that all is well. We ask that all students acknowledge in some way via Teams that they have engaged with the supports/work that have been put in place for them by their Resource Teacher

There is also some resource work/ supports posted for some resource classes. Please check with your son/daughter that they are up to date with any resource class assignments and are using any supports made available to them.

Please keep safe.

Special Education Support Department