Dear Parents/Guardians,

It has been a time of great uncertainty regarding the Junior Cycle for our Third Year Students. Several
announcements from the Minister of Education culminated in a proposal that the Junior Cycle Exams take
place in schools next September. Last Monday it was clarified that these exams would not be state
certified and in the current public health crisis it is highly questionable how these exams would take
place. Today the Minister has clarified that these exams will not now take place and students will receive
a cert stating that they have completed their Junior Cycle.

In Crescent we place a huge emphasis on student Wellbeing and Fairness. With this in mind, we have
decided to make a decision which at its core has both those elements built in. We are going to have a
Crescent Junior Certificate Profile of Achievement for our Third Year Students. The Certificate will be
comprised of the following:

1. A percentage from Students’ previous exam results from Second Year (Christmas & summer) and
this year’s Pre – exam results.
2. Any students who have completed an Assessment Task in will be granted the full 10% for that
Assessment Task.
3. The remaining percentage will be completed in Assignments or Tests completed on line from now
until the end of this term.
4. Subject Teachers will outline what these assignments are worth in terms of percentage and the
number of assignments to be submitted next on Microsoft Teams. These assignments or exams
will be concluded by Tuesday 26th of May.
5. Also recorded on the Certificate will be the Students’ Other Areas of Learning and C.B.A. Descriptors for English, Science, Business Studies and Irish.

We believe this approach is student centred and will give clarity to our hard working Third Year Students.
It rewards students’ work from the last number of years and also motivates students to do their best for
the reminder of the school year. It also will allow our Third Year Students to start Transition Year or Fifth
Year next September as they move to a new phase on their educational path in Crescent. We ask that
your son/daughter continues to engage with the on line learning for the remainder of this term.

The School will collate the results over the summer and the Crescent Junior Cycle Certificate will be
presented to students in September as would have been the case with previous Junior Cycle results. If you
have any queries or require any further information please email Diarmuid Mullins at

Karin Fleming             Diarmuid Mullins             Sinead Mulcahy        Niamh Floyd
Principal                     Deputy Head                   Deputy Head            Year Head – 3rd Year