1st April 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians of First Years,
Many thanks to you all for your great work supporting home-schooling. I am conscious that there can be WiFi difficulties uploading work, or other technical issues, so please do not stress about these. The main thing is to ensure that your son/daughter is engaging in school work for some part of every school day.

Any messages from teachers are an effort to give the students a fair chance at their coursework during this very difficult time. I am also conscious that so many of you might be working from home, while caring for everyone or even supporting someone who is self-isolating or sick.

The students can use Chat on Teams with any questions or updates, but I do ask you to be conscious of the time of day that these messages are sent. Due to family commitments some teachers are posting work in the evening time but students are not expected to respond at that time.

I have become aware of the use of an app called YOLO which students should not use. It allows contacts to send messages anonymously and can give rise to a lot of upset. Please ensure that your son/daughter is not using this app for their own safety.

Finally, as part of wellbeing please try to keep routine, and see other school App messages on Wellbeing for advice on this. Our PE department encourage students to join Joe Wicks daily on YouTube for a fun workout.

Keep safe.

Grainne Delaney
Year Head- 1st Year