Welcome Back to Term 3 and well done for all your positive engagement since March 12th. Here are some reminders and pointers for Parents and Students which will help with our Continuity of Learning in Term 3.


  1. Student Wellbeing: Please do only as much as you can in terms of schoolwork. We don’t expect perfection!! All we ask is as always is the case in Crescent that ‘you be the best you can’. Don’t hesitate to contact any Year Head, Chaplain, Member of the Wellbeing Team or Deputy Principals for reassurance!  The overwhelming feedback from Teachers is so positive regarding all our students’ efforts so far!!
  2. Routine:Similar to normal schooldays it is important to get into a good routine. Try to get up as you would for school. Make sure to eat a breakfast before starting any classwork or study. Break your home schooling into manageable blocks of work. In school you would have small break and lunch breaks so make sure to take regular breaks while at home.
  3. Microsoft Teams: This is the platform by which work, notes, assignments, classes and corrections will be distributed so it’s really important that you check your work regularly. Parents and in particular of First to Third Year students should check Teams with your son/daughter each day to go through the prescribed work similar to how you would have checked the school journal during normal school weeks. Students in Transition Year, Fifth & Sixth Year must really take responsibility for their own commitment to engaging with the prescribed work at this stage of their academic development. On -Line Behaviour for Students must be respectful in all interactions with your teacher and please acknowledge any requests from Year Heads also. Thankfully this has been the case so far in our on line interactions.
  4. Organisation of Prescribed Work:  In School students use their school journal to take down the work that they have covered in class and in particular homework or upcoming assignments.  Students should do the same now and this allows them to note when certain assignments are due and avoid missing deadlines.  By writing down work into your school journal this gives you a record of work that needs to be completed. This is very important as it will allow students to have a balanced week and to give themselves adequate time to submit work.  Teachers have also noticed some students are not balancing their time per subject, it is important to devote the necessary time to all subjects.
  5. I.T. Provision:  We are aware that the level of I.T. support and software available to students varies in each household.  We are aware that siblings will need access to software and there may be a need to share devices etc. Again, this is why proper daily planning and routine is important to manage this. In addition, Mike Donegan (School I.T. Support) doneganm@crescentsj.com is available to support students in I.T. assistance, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  6. Year Head & Wellbeing Support: Year Heads will monitor and follow up in a pastoral sense students who come to their attention as not engaging with their work. This is designed to motivate students and also discuss any issues that might be affecting a student’s engagement. All members of our Wellbeing Team are on each of the Teams from 1st to 6th year. We are available to support students and families as we have done throughout the years in terms of pastoral support. Please as a parent or as a concerned student contact either your Year Head or any member of the Wellbeing Team if you require additional pastoral support.
  7. Physical Wellbeing:   We have sent various links to physical work outs including Joe Wicks which is a good way to build a physical workout into your daily routine. Our P.E. Department has also some ideas which we will send on the School App. today also. It is so important that you remain healthy during these days while respecting the 2km limit which has been put in place as part of a wider public health strategy.
  8. Media Speculation: There has been throughout this period a lot of speculation regarding Leaving Certificate dates, deferred Junior Cycle exams, practical dates and potential reopening of schools etc. It is important to deal in facts. We will receive any changes to the existing details that were announced on Friday 10th first from the Department of Education and we will relay those to the School Community in an informed and factual way. It is important not to increase anxiety and expectation due to speculation that can often be unfounded. This is a changing public health situation and so it’s not possible to foretell future decisions so let’s deal with what currently are the decisions that have been announced.
  9. Assessment for 5th Year, 2nd Year & 1st Year:  Assessment for the above groups will be set by the individual class teacher. It may be a mixture of continuous assessment, assignments and class tests.  Each teacher will outline this assessment process on Teams.
  10. Junior Cycle 2020:There is an expectation of a further announcement regarding the Junior Cycle tomorrow, we will update 3rd Year Parents and Students with this information tomorrow.