Please read important message from Karin Fleming, Principal:

28 March 2020

Dear students, parents and colleagues,

Following on from the new measures introduced last evening by the Taoiseach, and Chief Medical Officer, I write to our community to update you with revised arrangements from next week.

As you know we have kept the school open each morning, to allow for staff or students to collect materials or receive ICT support; however, I must now ask all students and staff members to remain at home until after this period is over. The school building will be locked and secured, and our grounds closed to all.

This is a critical time for our country and I am confident that Crescent students, families and staff will do what is being requested of us. As evidence of this we need only look to how our teachers and students have adapted positively to the new arrangements for teaching and learning over the last two weeks. I have been so impressed and proud, and again I salute and applaud these efforts. This has placed novel demands on all families and homes, these now operating not only as the place of refuge and relaxation but also workplaces.

Crescent is a community of learning and respect, and we are now demonstrating that we also understand and acknowledge our obligations as part of a wider community, Ireland, Europe, the world. It is our humanity we share in this global context and we must play our part in protecting the health of so many.

I have written before of the absolute necessity for us all to take the small measures being asked of us; indeed, for weeks before our school closure Crescent students and staff were taking steps to limit the spread of the virus in our school. We are now doing this in a wider context, but it is straightforward, and though we may not know how long this will last, at some basic level we accept that it is the right thing to do.

As a Jesuit college, we can be assured also of the solidarity of our friends in the wider Province, and of everyone’s prayers. These final two weeks of the Lenten season will be different to any we have experienced before. I remind you that you can access morning prayer on ‘teams’, that there is guidance and pastoral support still available to our students, and that the most important thing we can do for others, is to stay at home, the less we do now, the better for everyone.

Stay safe and God bless,