7 May 2020

Dear students, staff and parents,

The Taoiseach’s statement on Friday, 1 May, made clear what we’d all suspected: there will be no return to school this academic year for students. The reopening of schools in Ireland will happen during the final phase of the government’s plan to ease the ‘lockdown’ measures.

What this means for students from 1st to 5th year, is that you will see out the remainder of this year with online classes and assignments, and hope to return to a regular school setting in September. We can predict that as schools put their lives back together, they are going to ‘look’ different.  The process will raise challenging and complex questions, which we in Crescent, management, staff and board are addressing already. The health and welfare of students and staff will be our priority.

For 6th years, it means continuing under the guidance of your teachers in May, taking a well-earned break at the beginning of June and waiting to see what is then agreed between the Department, the State Exams Commission, the management bodies and the teaching unions. We in Crescent will do everything we can to support you during this period of uncertainty.

As of today’s date, there is no clarity regarding when/if current 6th year students will return for dedicated class time at school in July, and indeed it may be early June before final arrangements and timetables are announced for the Leaving Certificate. We know discussions are underway between the education partners, so perhaps the outcome of these discussions will be known sooner.

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do in Crescent, and though we are apart now, I encourage you all to invest in your relationships, as these will nurture and sustain you. Stay in contact with your friends, family members, neighbours and with your teachers. Maybe send a thank you message to your teachers for all their support, I know it will be appreciated. I remind you that any student requiring support will be offered same, simply make contact with your Year Head or Guidance Counsellor on Teams, or email info@crescentsj.com. Your request will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff. Today we are uploading also a letter received from NEPS (National Educational Psychological Service) with links to other supports, with a particular emphasis on LC students.

So remember, look out for each other, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

God bless,