Dear Class of 2020,

 Today is the day your graduation ceremony should have taken place. Sadly Covid-19 restrictions don’t allow gatherings of this kind at the moment. This is just another consequence of the pandemic for you and all Leaving Certificate students.

 We are planning of course to hold a ceremony for you, just as soon as public health guidelines say it is safe to do so. We desperately want to celebrate your time with us in Crescent. You are an exceptional group of young people and soon you will be the leaders in society, in your community, in your families; and it is likely you will bring to that role your experience of these exceptional times.

 We hope you enjoyed receiving your yearbook, which will have brought back some happy memories.

 As you look to the future, the world of work and of third level appear different to earlier expectations, but you will adapt and make the most of these changes.

 You are part of a global network of Jesuit alumni, and it is our hope that the lessons learned and shared experiences in Crescent will remain with you throughout your life.

 Enjoy today with your families; stay safe, and stay in touch.

 God bless,



Karin Fleming