There are many Online courses available to TY students and we would like parents to help us in encouraging students to try some of these courses.
Online courses available to TY students:
SparkED is a youth leadership programme that aims to empower young people by teaching them valuable life skills that they will take with them throughout their lives.
This program is run by Enactus, University of Limerick.
1. Learn the rules of the road and prepare for your driver theory test using the official RSA App available here (note there is a €12.99 charge for the app). Alternatively try the Theory Tester website to practice for your test.
2. Watch a talk at and write your own opinion piece on it.
3. Choose an free online introductory course from The Open University, enroll, participate and receive a digital badge on completion.
4. Get a head start on starting the Leaving Certificate programme next September. Choose your favourite subject or a subject where you need to upskill / revise your learning at Junior Cycle. Online tutorials for maths topics are available at the Khan Academy, UCD’s Maths Support Centre and many more locations.
5. Learn how to type using (free).
6. Practice Mindfulness using apps including Calm, Insight Timer and Headspace ( a free version of each app exists). The Mindfulness Centre is holding two sessions per day for 30 minutes each at 12 pm and 8 pm. To listen in, you just need to download the Zoom…. its free software. Just click on the link on the homepage. Fear is contagious and so is calmness.
7. Check out this page from – with a list of resources for young people staying at home.