Student Support Worker

Crescent provides a part-time Student Support Worker to combat educational disadvantage in the school. This position is currently filled by Cayleigh Dunworth.

Student Support Worker: Criteria for Membership of Student Group

1. Referral from Tusla, via SCP, EWO or other
2. Referral from Primary School
3. Referral from CCC Pastoral Care team/Year Heads/Management
4. Self-referral

SSW supports students identified as educationally disadvantaged (through the referral system above) to complete senior cycle of secondary school, to have maximum attendance during their school years, to participate fully in the life of the school and to maximise their own potential within the school’s Jesuit ethos and system of education.

For the purposes of this work and in accordance with research by the Dept. for Children and Family Affairs and the DES, disadvantage is understood as being academic, social, cultural and/or financial.

Contact: Cayleigh Dunworth, Student Support Worker for information on supports available. Contact through school office 061-229655

Please note donations of good quality used school uniform items and current schoolbooks are accepted throughout the year.

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