School Show

Every year the school produces a musical!

  • Rock of Ages – will be staged at the Lime Tree Theatre on 19th, 20th & 21st January 2023 at 8pm

    Tickets go on sale on Monday 12th December at 12.00pm
    Tickets are €10 each.
    Tickets can be purchased from the Lime Tree Theatre box office on

    061 953400 or click here

    Lonny Barnett: Moses Alfred                    Sherrie Christian: Vivienne O’Brien 
    Drew Boley: Danann Quinn                      Anita Bath: Mia Ryan 
    Dennis Dupree: William Shields               Hilda Klinemann: Sara Oliszewska 
    Stacee Jaxx: Ben O’Riordan                       Justice Charlier: Dorcas Misala 
    Franz Klinemann: Daniel Carswell           Joey Primo: Nicholas Meade 
    The Mayor: Caolán McMahon                  Constance Sack: Prisca Walter                                                                                        Mother: Giselle Marissa Sudheer             Sister: Rachel Somers
    Ja’keith Gill: Honour Bala Ahmed  

                                Let’s rock this city!!


2021 Magical Musical Moments from High School Musical, Chicago & Mamma Mia!

Click here to watch the recording of Magical Musical Moments

Some photos of the recording sessions at the Lime Tree Theatre!


2019 My Fair Lady

2018 Fame

2017 The Wizard of Oz

2016 Grease

2015 Me & My Girl (Thank you to Michelle Meany for these wonderful photos!)

2014 Oliver