School Show

Every year the school puts on a musical in the Central Area.

The show is produced by Transition Years who are responsible for all aspects of the production

including set design, sponsorship, sound and lighting.

2019 My Fair Lady

Liam Keary                            Freddy Eynsford Hill

Dylan Sweeney Crehan         Alfie Doolittle

Luke Sweeney Crehan           Henry Higgins

Kallen McCarthy                     Colonel Pickering

Alya Connolly                         Eliza Doolittle

Sally Smyth                            Mrs Pearce

Karen Mulvihill                        Maid

Rosemary Francis                   Maid

Maeve Curtin                           Mrs. Higgins

Rebecca O’Mara                      Mrs. Eynsford Hill

Mariah Islam                            Flower Seller/Lady at Ascot

2018 Fame

2017 The Wizard of Oz

2016 Grease



2015 Me & My Girl (Thank you to Michelle Meany for these wonderful photos!)

2014 Oliver