The school is now processing applications for Reasonable Accommodation (R.A.C.E.) for the Leaving Certificate exams 2021.

Parents of 6th year students who have a recognized disability (physical, medical, sensory or learning) and who wish their son or daughter to be considered for R.A.C.E. must send an email to with the Name of the student and the accommodation(s) you wish the student to be considered for before 12 noon on Wednesday the 14th of October. If your son or daughter had Reasonable Accommodation for the Junior Certificate examinations you must still submit their name as above.

Names received after this date will be processed as late applications.

Please note that by submitting the name of your son/daughter you are consenting for school staff to carry out any necessary assessments in the school during class time to determine if your son/daughter meets the eligibility criteria set by the State Examinations Commission.

For more information on R.A.C.E. please visit the website to inform yourself on the details of the RACE scheme.