Sports at CCC

At Crescent we play a great variety of sports and are particularly known for our successes in Rugby, Hockey and Basketball. Each year we have students who participate with success in Soccer, GAA, Equestrian and Golf.

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11 May 2016

Dear Parents/guardians,

We hope that your daughter/son plans to participate in sport at school next year; not only is this a tremendous way to make good friends but also ensures that he/she is active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. At Crescent we believe in educating the whole person and so we encourage our students to lead full and healthy lives, and aim for balance in their adolescent years.

I must point out however that the cost of providing referees, buses and coaches, affiliation fees, etc., needs to be funded by those participating, just as would happen in any club. The school does not receive any funding from the DES for this provision. Indeed even when the proposed registration fees are paid, further subsidies will be required and other fund-raising organised in order to support our students’ participation at the present high level in all codes.

The following table outlines the registration fee in each of the codes at different levels; please note parents must decide how much participation is appropriate so as to limit the disruption to their child’s academic progress.
In an effort to make this more manageable for families, the subscription/registration fee can be paid in two instalments: half on May 18th when students will be measured for their sports gear, and the balance on August 31st, when the gear will be available for collection. If you are paying for more than one child, please include all names on the registration sheet which will be provided on the day, and apply a 20% discount. By ordering sports gear in May it will be available at the beginning of the school year and sports season. The appropriate crested sports gear is included in the registration fee.

Details of fitting and registration fees are as follows:

First Years: €200
Second and third years: €175
Seniors (basketball, hockey, rugby, Bowen Shield): €200
Seniors (hurling and soccer): 150

Registration and fitting: Wednesday May 18th in the Sports Hall

1.30-3pm Current 3rd, TY and 5th years
3-4.30pm current 1st and 2nd years and incoming 1st years

The 15/16 season was truly amazing in terms of achievement at the highest level, congratulations are in order to all participants and thanks to all parents and teachers who coached teams. Of course at Crescent participation is paramount, and respect for all involved fundamental.

I thank you all for your response to last year’s fee payment requests.

Yours sincerely,
Karin Fleming

One fee per child, and 20% discount if paying for two or more children.