Mission Month – The marginalised
Some people live in the Poor world, some people live in the rich
Some people need food and water and haven’t even a stitch
Some of us travel to Disneyland to treat ourselves to fun
More of us travel for water because more of us have none
Everyone is hungry for something or other in life
Your mental health might suffer or you may live by a knife
Some fight for their own lives while others turn away
And we learn to donate and feel better while we tell them that they cannot stay
They are different from me and I am not right about it all
Colour, religion, culture …person, the world is in fact quite small
I don’t own this earth; I share it with you and them
So tomorrow let’s open the stable, like the story from way back when.

• Dear Lord, help us to
Work to dispel stereotypes about the world’s marginalized
Be Active in society advocating for fair economic systems
Speak about the alternative to systems that keep people in vulnerable situations
We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen