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MORNING PRAYER Friday 15 January 2021

TO LIVE FROM THE HEART by Sr. Stan, - Social Innovator • Reflection: The Jesuit characteristic ‘Finding God in all things’ is so appropriately described in this prayer Leaves of Grass I hear and behold God in every object In the faces of men and women I see God, And...

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Online Courses available to TY Students

There are many Online courses available to TY students and we would like parents to help us in encouraging students to try some of these courses. Online courses available to TY students: SparkED is a youth leadership programme that aims to empower young people by...

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Access to eBooks and other Resources from Edco

Please see below information regarding accessing eBooks and other resources from Edco: In light of the COVID-19 situation with continued school closures, Edco reminds all students that their Edco e-books and resources can be accessed anytime from school or at home!...

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